The Dixie Beard & Moustache Society is a competitive facial hair club from the mountains of Western Carolina.  Founded in Haywood County on March 11, 2012, in conjunction with the 151st anniversary of the signing of the Constitution of the Confederate States of America.

There are no membership fees & we are open to everyone – regardless of sex, race, religion, political views, presence &/or quality of facial hair…or even havin been born a damn Yankee

The DBMS is a proud member of the North American Competitive Beard & Moustache Alliance (NACBMA)



Our Mission:

- to represent Western Carolina on the national & international competitive bearding circuit

- to promote & facilitate comradery & community amongst those upholding our longstanding Southern traditions, including the beard and moustache

- to fight the indoctrination & demasculinization of modern Man, and to rekindle in its members & community all of the qualities that define a Southern Gentleman & Southern Belle

- to educate & promote acceptance of facial hair in the workplace & society in general

…and most important of all…

- to promote & raise monies for local charities that make a positive & direct impact on our community here in the mountains


Aside from competitive bearding, the DBMS’s main goal to is to have a positive impact on our local community.  Truth be told, this focus is in many ways the most important goal of the group, far more so than winning titles at competitions or “havin the best beard”.  Our community, & heart for giving back, is the reason many of us are involved.  Havin a rowdy good time with yer brothers n sisters is just a bonus!

We host events and fundraisers throughout the year for various charities, but our main focus remains with our local “partner non-profit”:

Warrior Service Dogs:  Warrior Service Dogs [WSD] is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in Western North Carolina by 2 Marines and an Army MPO in 2011.  They provide trained & certified service dogs to disabled veterans, no matter the disability [physical or psychological, directly service-related or not], and is the only group of their kind who will train a veterans current “pet dog” for certification.  In conjunction with Veteran Affairs, Warrior Service Dogs works directlywith the vet through every step of the process — from finding a suitable adoptable dog or evaluating his/her own “pet” dog, extensive service dog training customized to meet the specific tasks & needs of the disabled veteran, acquiring the proper harnesses and gear, as well as yearly shots & follow-up training.

Given the number of veterans & “dog people” in the DBMS ranks, teaming up with WSD was a no-brainer for the club.  We are proud to partner with this fine group of fellas and their dogs, and will be hosting numerous fundraising events in support of their work, as well as volunteering at WSD events.  Please check out the WSD website to learn more, and share their facebook page with everybody ya know!


Some commonly asked questions from the follicularly ignorant:

A beard club?! That sounds silly, what’s the point?
Aside from the fact that the beardruff that falls from our facial follicles is infinitely cooler than you could every dream of being?  I guess the point is we like to travel the US and the World to compete in bearding competitions for bragging rights and to expose those of non-US origins to the wondrousness that is Dixie…plus we’re a non-profit that raises money to provide goods and/or services that directly benefit the lives of those in need in our community — all while havin a good time with our friends n fam!

How do I join the DBMS?
Well, there’s two ways…the first involves a virgin goat, a hand-forged altar, and a copy of Slayer’s Reign In Blood on vinyl…OR you can just email us via our Contact page or hit us up on Facebook, then show up to the next meeting/event and get involved!

Where & when do you meet?
Typically, we meet the first Saturday or Sunday of the month at one of the various pubs in Waynesville.  But seeing as our claim to fame in life is growing facial hair, I wouldn’t bet on anything other than there’ll always be beer available at meetings.  Best to check the News page regularly for upcoming meeting & special event info, as well as our Facebook page.  Our Officers and Board of Directors also meet at other times throughout the year, but you’d probably find those meetings pretty boring.

What do you have to do to compete in contests?
Show up with your follicles intact…and maybe some money, if there’s an entrance fee

How long does it take to grow a beard?
As long as it takes, maybe a day or two more

Does it always itch?
At first, probably.  But fear not, that itch will subside after a short while.  And remember, yer a Man…so act like it

How come the hair still grows on my face, when my head has gone bald?
Cuz God never meant for Man to be bald-faced

How do you take care of a big beard?
Like all things in life — with tender love & a little patience…and maybe some Shuggie Otis on the turntable

Does all that long facial hair hurt?
Does yer head hurt from the hair there? No, so quit askin dumb questions

Does you wife support you growing a beard?
If she didn’t, we probably wouldn’t be married.  Plus, marriage is about reciprocity and I completely support her growin’ her beard out too!

What does your job say about your beard/moustache?
Well done sir, well done

How come only some women can grow a sweet ‘stache?
Its a Divine Gift…or genetics/hormonal balance maybe…nah, gotta be Divine

When you kiss your wife while she’s wearing a fake beard, and you like it, is that creepy?
Who said its fake?!  And honestly, its no creepier than when she dresses me up in that….errrrrr nevermind

If yer a twin, and you have a beard but your twin doesn’t, are you still twins?
Yeah, but yer obviously the superior one

How long will a beard grow before it stops?
Depends entirely on yer genetics.  The point at which it stops growing is called terminal length, and that’s simply as long as its gonna get…sorry.  I guess you could have yer genetic code altered by some mad scientist, but then yer beard couldn’t be certified organic

If I grow my ear hair out to my chin, what would you call that style?
A competition winner!  THE DBMS WANTS YOU!!!